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Finding old football league tables was a long arduous task. I collected the ones I could find, the links are below. The info was mainly copied from other sites. Time period from 1969 to 2012 with the odd one missing.

The following documents have been modified from the rsssf site for England, Wales, Scotland

English Football League Tables  1969-89    1990-2010

English League Club Divisional Movement from 1888-2012

Welsh League Tables  1992 onwards

Scottish League Tables  1969-90   1990 onwards

Scottish League Divisional movements to 2012

The following NON-LEAGUE TABLES from 1969-70 to 1998-99 have been taken from the site at:  Those after 1999 from Tony Kempster's site. Some 1999-2000 tables are missing from this site.

Alliance/Conference Tables 1969-1999  2000-

Isthmian League Tables   1969-1999   2000-

Northern Premier League Tables   1969-1999   2000-

Southern League Tables  1969-1999   2000-

Hellenic League Tables

NON-LEAGUE  TABLES for seasons 2000-01- 2004-05 below were taken the site at 

I started making up individual leagues, but didn't get far.

Combined Counties, Eastern, Essex, Kent, Midland Alliance, North East Counties,

Northern, North West Counties, Spartan South Midland, Sussex, United Counties,

Wessex, Western.

2000-01 Lower feeders to Dr Martens, Ryman, Unibond

2001-02 Non League tables, Levels 9 and 10 

2002-03 Feeders to Dr Marten West Division

2002-03 Feeders to Dr Marten East Division

2002-03 Feeders to the Ryman League

2002-03 Feeders to the Unibond League

2003-04 Conference, Dr Marten, Ryman and Unibond

2003-04 Feeders to Dr Martens League

2003-04 Lower feeders to Dr Martens League

2003-04 Feeders to Ryman League

2003-04 Feeders to Unibond League

2004-05 Conference and Feeders

2004-05 Direct Southern Feeders

2004-05 Lower Southern Feeders

2004-05 Isthmian Feeders

2004-05 Northern Feeders

Chris Sendall had a great site with league positions for very many non-league teams from 1950 until last season arranged either by league or alphabetically by team.

I cut a lot of the lower league teams from this listing and limited the records to1969 until 2001 as this is the period I was interested from. I have not updated since but Chris had.

Click here for Teams A-H  I-Y

Chris' site was at:

Now it can be found at The Wayback Machine

Full tables for many countries at

Buckingham Town archive website